Montag, 2. Januar 2012

for ALL the english visitors!

News:  the english blog is now online:

Oooookay, here are some detailed information:

1. I know, my english isn't at the top, but I have someone who will make the english posts for me (and she is very good :D)

2. you're awesome, good guy gred is proud of you all

3. about the charitable society: My journey will have a motto (something like "if the father of justin bieber would have used condoms, then..., not a funny one, but a serious one, like help people in the 3th world, we throw so many bread away while people are starving there). I will promote the journey, so it hopefully will become popular so that I can call attention to the motto and so to the charitable society. You understand?

4. Of course I need money. But I won't install an bank account. I will use my private funds.

5. I won't check in in hotels. I will use the privilege of getting a shelter in christian facilities (churches, abbeys, ...), because they HAVE to give me a place for sleeping, due to the christian canon law :D But my experience show that they support me unsolicited.

6. I think I have to install the english blog today o_O

14 Kommentare:

  1. Yes you really need to install the english version. The way i can help is translating your text to Portuguese. But only if you want. Let's see if i can hit the right button to comment. Good post on 9gag.

  2. Yes you need that for sure. And thanks for letting me know about this. I could help you translating (like Joao) all your text in spanish if you want. And again the 9gag family is here to help.

  3. Wie die anderen kann ich den Blog überstzen, auf französich, wenn du es willst. Weißt du ungefähr wann du an der französichen/spanischen Grenze ankommen wirst?

  4. Hey man, can i join you? Im bored, quitting school and currently unemployed, i have some savings it would be fun ;)

  5. I'm a medieval reenactor too (from Portugal)! I've already made the Camiño de Santiago once - not in medieval stuff, but I would really like to do it one day! I will follow your blog, and I wish you good luck on the way! "Passinho a passinho faz-se o Caminho" ;)

  6. You are amazing! :D Good luck!

    - Mexican 9gagger

  7. Just read your post on 9gag...
    Good luck!!

    A 9gagger from Germany :)

  8. Fellow 9gagger here! :D You are awesome, dude. I'm looking forward the translated posts. (Ich verstehe nicht gut Deutsch. ^^" For shame.)

    Hope you'll have a pleasant journey. :D

  9. you have ALL our support. Viel Glück :)

  10. Have you considered trying to get endorsement from some companies?
    I think that if you make your pitch right, you can get some good results there - and you might not even need to say anything about the charity (people might get suspicious if you do mention it, you know.. =/ ).
    Anyway, my sincere good luck to you!!

  11. Go for it bro, we're all cheering for you :D

  12. Need ALL your posts to translate to english! And here's "googd luck" from Poland :) :

    (it's about Yur prject on polish online-magazin about journeys, mountains, folk and that kind of stuff)

  13. Hey, the english blog is now online:

  14. Let's ALL go to the english blog! \o