Montag, 14. April 2014

Nur für kurze Zeit

Nur für kurze Zeit gibts hier die schönsten Bilder zu sehen, die ich während meiner Reise gemacht habe: 

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  1. Hello there!

    First of all I feel ashamed, I started to follow your adventure from the very beginning of your research and preparations but I ended up forgetting about it due to my own life changes - I was living in Brazil, travelled around a bit, got into some adventures of my own and now I'm living in New Zealand after a brief period living in Australia.
    Than being said yes, by all means do translate your book to English! You'll reach more people and more people absolutely need to know your work!

    If you already have a English copy I am interested but if you don't I want it anyway if only to look at the pictures and spread the word about your work.
    Actually I want 3 copies, one of them I'll leave in a NZ hostel so people from all over the world can see it and the other I'll donate at the local public library.

    Please send me the details in how to purchase and let me know how much would it cost to send it over to New Zealand.

  2. Wonderful pictures, envy you for the time you were wble to spend!